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There are many Shrimp Feed Supplier

The shrimp feed plant is used to provide the food for shrimp in huge quantities. The quality of shrimp feed reflects the development of the shrimp grounds. Actually, the feed cost for shrimp accounts for about 50% of the total cost in the shrimp fishery. Best-quality shrimp feed is characterized by better water stability, good hygienic control on raw materials for improved FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) and health of prawn, feed deliciousness, and the feed nutrition value to produce strong and healthy prawns. In recent years, the pond-reared shrimp has grown rapidly. However, the farmers have little knowledge about the shrimp feed production and feeding techniques. Some of them do not bother about the quality of shrimp feed they are feeding to their prawn, at the same time, others do not pay attention to the dose rate. There by, the shrimp feed cost is increasing and the production efficiency is reducing.

There are many Shrimp Feed Suppliers who offer the shrimp feed pellets which are formulated to match the shrimp’s nutritional needs of essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. These shrimp feed plants help the farmers to earn more profit in this business. The shrimp feed manufacturing process involves the following technologies- Grinding technology: It is the basic process in which the raw material particle size should be more than 40-60 mesh. The uniform material can enhance the mixing of the ingredients andpellet feed compaction quality and also, helps to promote digestion. Grinding raw material involves two processes, the coarse grinding and shrimp head capsule. Batching technology: Before crushing, the raw materials must be cleaned. The ingredient, such as fish meal, peanut oil-cake powder, squid powder and spray-dried blood cells should be mixed as per the proportion of ingredients which is then crushed into over 40 mesh powder. Granulation technology: During the shrimp feed manufacturing process, the raw material after the crushing has only 13% the moisture content which is not easy to soften up and gelatinize.

Thus, a right amount of water is added to ensure starch gelatinization and powder bonding. Drying technology: In the shrimp feed plant, the particles that come from the host have high moisture content and need to be dried up. The fish feed pellet drying machine which has net mesh-belt is most commonly used for drying purpose. Cooling technology: If pellets get cool without drying, a huge number of cracks will appear on the surface. In the shrimp feed pellet cooling process, the cool air will take away some hot energy as well as water. After keeping it at room temperature, it can be packed easily. Classifying Screener: Shrimp feed suppliers offer the best-quality product which is helpful in improving the shrimps’ overall health. The unfinished products are screened by classifying screener. Pieces and powder are filtered out from the machine bottom. Finished materials are fire extinguisher powder filling machine Suppliers then packed in feed column. Packaging: The feed is stored as well as fed in the shrimp ponds sideways the coast; it easily gets affected by moisture in the coastal air. Thus, the feed pellets must be packed in the plastic syntactic and paper bags.

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